You’ve got an agent, now what?

So it happened – a real, live agent read my manuscript, called me, and wanted to represent me! Cray-Cray, I know. I signed the contract and waited patiently for my letter, you know, the one where she tells me what she thinks needs to change? I’m lucky – it was only 7 pages long. She gave me some great advice on each and every character, and pointed out some things that were a bit confusing. Now I’ve actually started the revision process. I’m giving myself three months to finish.

Three months. I’m hoping that I’ll be finished before that, but I don’t want it to appear that I just rushed through it. Agent Awesome said if I hadn’t sent anything in SIX months, we’d need to talk. And by “need to talk”, I’m pretty sure she means a beat-down.

All good agents find a way to inspire you.

Now, go write!


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