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My good friend and writer, Lisa Harris has had great success participating in the weekly contests held over at Faith Writers. They give you a word or phrase, like – Up and Down – and you have to write a story between 150 to 750 words. They have to have an element of faith, but other than that, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of limitations on what you can do. People can read it, leave comments, and they have a judges panel that chooses winners in each category. As I’ve said, Lisa has won several and it’s let to a semi-regular gig at a magazine.

So. I thought, why not try it for myself? They give a new word each Thursday and I dutifully signed on to find the word – Owl. Hmmm. After a couple of hours, I came up with a short story about a teen in detention and the teacher everyone calls Mrs. Owl the 3rd because she seems to have eyes in the back of her head. Yeah, not great, but WHATEVER.

Luckily, I had coffee with Lisa and mentioned that I had my Owl story ready. And that’s when she broke it to me. It wasn’t OWL, it was Ow! As in “Ow! That hurt.” or “Ow! All of the comments about how my stupid story wasn’t supposed to be about an OWL really hurt my pride.”

I am SO GLAD I saw Lisa before I uploaded the stupid thing. And that my glasses will be here any day!

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