Where’s The Bertie, The Book, and Other Bits of Info.

Hey all! It’s been a while so I thought I’d give a quick update on what’s happening in my writing life.

Normally, I’d be in the midst of promoting and reading entries to The Bertie. Yes, The Bertie is still happening, but I’ve decided to move the contest to the first part of the year. Most schools are just getting into their groove in September so I’m moving it to January 2020. Stay tuned as we get closer for more info.

I haven’t been posting much here, or on social media, because I’m in the process of writing book three! It’s hard to believe that I have two published books, yet here I am, hammering out another. I can’t give away much except to say it’s like if the first two books had a younger, scarier sibling. 🙂

In OTHER news, the MAFIA has been killing it. Ha. Mafia? Killing? Get it?

Kim Zachman has a book under contract! Whoo Hoo! It’s a super interesting, super hilarious, non-fiction book that you’re going to love.

Debbie D’Aurelio has an awesome middle-grade mystery coming Fall of 2020 about the stolen notebook of Nikola Tesla. It is awesome!

And new member, Sherri Ellis, is celebrating because Bubba and Squirt’s Big Dig to China is a Silver Medal winner in the Children’s Books Grades 4-6 category of the 2019 Reader’s Favorite Book Awards! If you haven’t read the adventures of Bubba and Squirt yet, get them! She has another under contract so you’ll want to be caught up.

Now it’s off to write!











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