Typical Day In the Life, except…

This is the kind of day I like. I got up this morning, grabbed some coffee, and headed straight for the couch. It’s gotten a little chilly lately, so I grabbed a blanket and my laptop, and settled in to write. I’m at a difficult stage, that just finished with the beginning and getting into the middle place that makes me question if I’m going in the right direction, with the right story, or if I’m even in the right career! Me, a writer? As IF. But I kept going and struggled through a scene and by the time I was finished, I was actually pretty happy with it.

Then it was time to get to my real job, and I spent the next few hours writing copy for ads and trifolds instead of for middle-grade readers, but other than the fact that my trifold used words like RETIREMENT and RECUPERATIVE CARE, and my novel used words like, DUH and AIN’T, they both worked toward my daily word count goal. So, success!

Late afternoon came and it was time for errands. I’m going to a writers’ conference on Friday and somehow missed that I was supposed to read two books before arrival, so I went to Barnes and Noble and bought REAL books made of paper like the pioneers used to. Then I went to Kroger for some groceries, and finally, Staples. These are all normal errands that people make every day, but Staples held special significance. I was there to buy ink for my printer because I had to print four copies of my CONTRACT so that I could sign them and get them in the mail tomorrow.


Yes, my CONTRACT with Penguin is finalized! I was sure they’d change their minds, go out of business, or somehow get lumped in with the government shutdown, but the Lord is obviously still on the throne and working his magic because that sucker came via email yesterday and I signed it tonight before any of the above stuff could happen.

JD was out, so I asked my daughter if she wanted to watch me officially sign them, maybe share a glass of the champagne that I’ve been saving in the fridge, but she was all like, “I’m 11 so, no.”


Drinking alone – I’m getting the hang of this author business already!

Tomorrow I start life as an official, soon-to-be-published, Penguin-contracted author. I’m guessing it will be much like today, only instead of signing a contract I’ll be cleaning the bathroom and taking the dogs to the vet. So, success?


  1. Tania Stephens said:

    I am so very proud of you!!!

    October 9, 2013
  2. M on the Mountain said:

    Our first author in the family congratulations.

    October 9, 2013
  3. mantamy said:

    YES!!!!! Congratulations LT! So proud of your perseverance and patience. Can’t wait to get a copy into my hands – and the hands of all my family and friends!

    October 13, 2013

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