Tuesday’s Tool – Evernote


Evernote has been around for awhile, and I confess that even though I downloaded it a couple of years ago, it’s only now that I’ve decided to use it. Why? Because I can’t keep all of the crazy aspects of my life organized in my head anymore.

What does Evernote do? It allows you to record and save notes, photos, business cards, basically anything that you want to write or upload, then stores them for accessibility from your desktop, phone, Ipad, etc. Say you’re at a coffee shop and you see a flyer listing concerts in the park. Hey, your favorite band is playing in two weeks. You can take a picture of the flyer, save it to Evernote, then later SEARCH your files for the bands name. It searches images for words and text!

I’m a huge believer in TO DO lists. With Evernote, I can make a list on my laptop, then access it from my phone, tablet, desktop, etc. It has something to do with the mysterious “cloud”, but if it works who am I to wonder why?

Another great feature is the website clipper extension. Instead of bookmarking a website, I can “clip” relevant sections of the page and post it into my notes. So if I’m making notes on landscaping my backyard and find a website that tells what plants grow in particular areas, I can CLIP the section that pertains to me and put it in the landscape file.

Seriously people, the future is now! The best thing about Evernote is there’s a free version. Give it a try and see what you think!






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