Tuesday’s #SocialMedia Tool – Newsle

Social Media Tool

Newsle is a great social media tool for finding real news, PUBLISHED news, about your Linkedin and Facebook contacts. Newsle is perfect if you’re trying to cut through the social media hype and get to the real, noteworthy events happening in the lives of your business associates.

From their website:

Sit back & stay informed.

With one click, you can follow everyone you know. Newsle notifies you about important articles, seconds after they are published.
Follow anyone.

Stay up-to-date on your CEO’s achievements, your competitor’s latest projects, and explore articles on your favorite thought leaders and trendsetters.

It will also connect through your Gmail contacts, and you can even search for articles about people that aren’t in your network!

You can use Newsle to engage with people by emailing congratulations whenever they make the news, (who doesn’t appreciate being acknowledged) and you can share the articles on your own social media networks. You can also build your own platform by submitting items whenever you’re published, quoted, or profiled in online articles.

As more and more people enter the social media maze, Newsle is a great way to cut through the clutter!


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