Tuesday’s Social Media Tool – Feedly

Social Media Tool

Finding good content for your blog or to share on social media can be very frustrating. What do you talk about when your book launch is months away, or when you’re not sure you’ll even GET a book contract? Book reviews, sharing author interviews, linking to blog posts that other writers might find interesting are options, but it takes a lot of time just finding the content. Enter FEEDLY, a great tool for finding good content.

Feedly gathers all your favorite sites in one place. Discover, read and share the knowledge and inspiration that matters to you.

Sign on to Feedly (it’s FREE) and input your favorite blogs/interests. Then check back and see what’s out there. It’s that simple. No more searching the internet for “articles about writing”, “YA book reviews”, etc. Let Feedly do the work for you. With all the time you save, you should be able to write more on that novel of yours. Which is the point, right?




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