Tuesday’s Social Media Tool: #Anti-Social

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I’m not sure if today’s social media tool actually qualifies since it’s whole purpose is to keep me off social media sites.

I spend a LOT of time on the computer posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, checking my emails, reading my favorite blogs, etc. In my normal day work-life, it’s no big deal. In fact, my normal day work-life often requires that I do all of those things daily. But when it comes time to sit and write, the last thing I need to do is check my twitter feed, so I exercise my self-control and ignore it all.

Just kidding, I have no self-control. What I do have is a program called Anti-Social.

Anti-Social is the amazing app that makes it easy for you to target and block any distracting website so you can be more productive.

Only $15.00, Anti-Social allows you to put in a set amount of time, then it will block your attempts to log-on to any social sites for the allotted time. You can also add any distracting websites that vie for your attention to be blocked. Unlike the program Freedom which blocks all internet access, Anti-Social let’s you pick and choose. I use both on occasion, but because I often require the internet when writing, Anti-Social is perfect.

Anti-Social won’t allow you to visit your banned sites until the time is over, but there is a work-around. If you simply MUST get back online, you can turn off your computer and reboot.

Anti-Social is $15.00 and Freedom is $10.00 but you can buy them both as a bundle for $20.00!

Self-control is cheaper, but a whole lot harder. Now I’m going to write so I’ll see you all in 180 minutes!


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  1. Tammy said:

    i like the idea of anti-social….but then you just told me the way around it, rendering it 100% useless…. 🙂

    May 30, 2015

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