Tuesday’s Social Media Tool

Social Media Tool

Introducing my new favorite social media tool, as of yesterday. 🙂 With the demise of Tactics Cloud, I was looking for an easy way to find people on Twitter. Sure, I could use the hashtag method, but I wanted to search BIO’s.

This tool allows you to follow people who follow people you choose. That was awkward, let’s put it this way. Say you LOVE @lisalewistyre (who DOESN’T) and you want to follow people who also follow me. Twiangulate allows you to do that. Perhaps you trust @lisalewistyre and want to follow the same people – Twiangulate also allows you to see who I follow. But what I use it for is to search bios. Let’s say you sell scrubs. You can search twitter bio’s for specific keywords like, nurse or hospital, then follow and connect with those folks! Plus, I can create a List called Scrub Users and export the search results. Super easy! And the best thing about it? It’s totally FREE!

One thing to note: I had no trouble getting it to function in Chrome or Safari, but for some reason it wouldn’t cooperate with my version of Firefox.

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