School Visits

Am I available for school visits?

The short answer: YES!

The long answer:

I am really excited to visit with your school group, either in person or via Skype. You can download my school visit brochure with rates HERE.

Below are some of the presentations I can do for your class!

Mining Your Family Tree for Stories

Students receive a Family Tree to fill out with their family names. We’ll find a fun fact or characteristic of one person and build a character from there – what time period do they live, what do they do, etc. (3rd – 8th)

Town History Prompt

My book was based on a true fact. General Zollicoffer’s men actually trained near my house during the Civil War, and some kids did find gold in the 1950s. We’ll research the name of the town/area where the school is located, then use it as a story prompt. (3rd – 8th)

The Writing Life

This class will talk about how books are written, revised, and finally published. We’ll discuss critique groups, literary agents, editors, book sellers, etc. Followed by a Q and A with author. (4th-8th)

Writing Workout

Students engage in creative writing exercises to develop the habit of creating ideas and sharing in front of others. Story starters, round robin writing, and/or point-of-view practice used. (5th – 8th)

Fairy Tale Twist

No fairy tale is safe from an author in search of a classic story to twist into something new. We’ll look at examples of this “twisting,” and the ways in which an old story can be completely changed. (4th – 8th)

Character Development

Hands-on writing exercise where students create well-rounded characters with strengths and flaws, physical attributes, and internal desires by completing a written character description. Younger grades may make an artiistic representation using using crayons, fabric, yarn, etc.  (3rd – 8th)

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