Rejection – 2009


For several years, I wrote a personal blog. I spent a lot of time writing about my life, family and my writing endeavors. In July of 2009, I went to a Writers Conference and had some nice feedback from an agent. She told me that she thought I should start sending our queries. In August, I sent out my first official query, and soon after, got my first official rejection. Below is what I wrote then (names removed to protect the innocent).

Excited by my wonderful experience at the Harriett Austin Writer’s Conference, I decided to get on the ball and start sending query letters to literary agencies. I’ve sent out 5 so far. One has already gone out of business. Yea ME!

But I hadn’t heard from any of the others until yesterday.

Ms. Tyre,

Thank you for considering the _______ in your search for representation. I would like to start by apologizing for the delay in replying to your query. I was considering it for some time but due to the volume of queries I’ve received in the last few weeks, I am going to have to pass. I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to review your work. I’m glad to find so many other people who are passionate about YA and truly I wish you the best luck in your search for the right agent (and hope to see you in print soon).

Best regards,

Did you see that? She said – I was considering it for some time! Someone actually read an excerpt of my story and WAS CONSIDERING IT.

Until she opened the other 893 queries and decided to give me the heave ho. It’s a start.

It’s funny how a rejection, done well, can still be encouraging.

Rejection is a part of the writing life. I got SEVERAL letters like the one above before I found my dream agent. Don’t give up!

Keep writing!


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