Middle Grade Book Review – How Rude! Real Bugs Who Won’t Mind Their Manners

I am hoping to post a  Middle Grade Book Review every week. Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a great non-fiction book.


The book blurb:

Some bugs litter. Some pass gas. Some bugs throw their poop! Discover ten of the rudest, crudest bugs around.

Full of scientific facts, humor and just the right amount of yuck, How Rude! will make you scream “gross!” Featuring a countdown of the top 10 bad bugs who just won’t mind their manners. One part illustration and one part photography, How Rude! is hilarious, informative, and seriously gross!

The verdict:

How Rude! is a hilarious, and enGROSSing, look at ten bugs, such as Gassy Guy (Giant Mesquite Bug) and Upchuck Eater (American Burying Beetle), who are competing in a “Battle for the Grossest”. The animals stink, throw poop, suck the guts of their prey and exhibit other “rude” behaviors. Montgomery explains the WHY behind their behaviors in a way that is interesting and fun. The writing is super and the illustrations are a perfect compliment. I bought this book for my favorite little guy and can’t wait to share it with him.

The details:

This is perfect for 7 – 10 year olds who enjoy bugs, non-fiction, or hearing about the gross and stinky things of the world.

You can purchase the book HERE.

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