Going With It.

I’ve been struggling with my new novel and have written the first chapter about four times in four different voices. I plotted out the original a good six months ago, but there was something about it that wasn’t grabbing me. So I began playing with it ad nauseum.  Today I told a couple of friends about the FIRST idea, gave some general background, and plot twists, and the more I talked about it out loud, the more I remembered why I liked it! So now I’m moving forward. Whew, that feels good.

Or maybe not.

No wonder writers drink.

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  1. Philip Austin said:

    Bonsoir mademoiselle Zolliegirl
    ….Lisa D
    …..I wish you well on your book
    …would very much like to read it…I have been. following your musings ….and it lightens my heart to find you remain the intelligent wonder I have always admired. You See things that others miss…. Quite an accomplishment For a livingston girl born with no eyes

    October 28, 2010

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