Gifts for Writers

Not that I’m hinting, you understand. I just thought you might be wondering what to get your favorite author. Or me, whichever.

1. Books on Writing.

Trust me, you can never have too many. Some of my favorites are On Writing, Bird by Bird, and Becoming a Writer, but there are hundreds to choose from and I never met a writer that had enough.

2. Books.

Books on writing give a lot of different advice, but one thing they all say is that people who want to write, should read. Give the classics, or a current best-seller, you can’t go wrong either way.

3. High-Tech

There are some great programs available to help writers. Scrivener is organizational and word processing software that users swear by. Anti-Social is a program that helps writers stay focused by blocking distracting websites. Freedom just goes ahead and blocks the entire web!

4. Low-Tech

Moleskine notebooks are the rage right now, but any type of journal would do. Notebooks, cool pens, journals, etc. make great stocking-stuffers for writers.

5. Fun & Whimsical

Who doesn’t want a cool t-shirt proclaiming, “Prose before Hos”, or “Carpe Read Em, Sieze the Book!”  Whether it’s jewelry made out of typewriter keys, or coffee mugs with a cute saying, writers will appreciate the humor on those long days of revision.

6. Support

If you REALLY want to give the writer in your life a great present, give them permission to miss the occasional date, to have a messy house, and to forget your birthday because they’ve finally found three consecutive minutes to sit down and actually write. They might even remember you in the acknowledgments of a real book one day!


Merry Christmas!


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