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I was thinking today about Bertie, the grandmother, in LAST IN A LONG LINE OF REBELS. She seems to be a lot of people’s favorite character. Although she isn’t based at all on reality, my own grandmother, Granny Meadows, is quite the character herself. She’ll be 102 this August, and while her health is failing, she still manages to laugh every day.


A few years ago, the girls in the family took a trip to Asheville, NC to see the Biltmore Estate. After a long day of walking, we were resting in the hotel room when the conversation turned to dancing. Granny Meadows was a big fan of the Charleston, and said if we could find the music, she’d show us how it was done. She was a month shy of 97 at the time.

My brother posted it online, we watched it, them promptly forgot about it. Last year, my sister and I looked everywhere for it, finally remembered that we had a brother, and found it again on his Flickr account.

Now we can watch it anytime and remember how wonderful and fun our grandmother has always been. Talk to your grandparents, write down the names and dates of important events, label your photographs, and take video!



PS: The video of Granny Meadows is HERE.



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