Friday’s History Files – A Revolutionary Find


Tomorrow is the 4th of July so I thought it was an appropriate time to mention that my ancestor was involved in the American Revolution. So, you’re welcome.

While American’s are eating 150 million hot-dogs, I’ll be sitting smugly under the fireworks and thinking about George Reed. According to my sister, who did all of this research to become a member of DAR, our 5th great grandfather on my father’s side supported the American Revolution by providing supplies. Sure, it’s not as exciting as riding through the countryside and yelling, “The British are coming!”, but still it was treasonous. If we had lost the war, he could have been hung. He wasn’t just putting himself in danger, but his family as well, and George had a BIG family.

According to

George Reed was born on December 23, 1719, in Rowan County, North Carolina, the child of William Eldad and Elizabeth. He married Abigail Phelps in 1757 in Rowan County, North Carolina. They had 14 children in 27 years. He died on November 17, 1784, in Rowan County, North Carolina, at the age of 64.

Think about our freedom this weekend, and the ones who went before to make it happen. Use the holiday to talk to your family and ask about your own family tree. You may just find an extra reason to celebrate.







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  1. Jimmy Reed said:

    I’m also descended from George Reed through his son Robert who married Agnes Cathay

    July 29, 2021

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