I went to see New Moon last night with several other movie goers – all of them much younger than I. Which probably explains why I kept wanting to yell at the screen- A vampire and a werewolf – THESE are your choices? I’m on Team Goofy Kid that vomits at Punch Face.

But I digress. I read that Stephenie Meyer wrote the original book based on a vivid dream. So I went to bed with great expectations, “C’mon crazy dream world, bring me the new novel!”

And I DID have a VIVID dream. In which I find out that an old friend of my husbands has been secretly video taping me in the shower and hosting parties where everyone comes over to watch. And he calls them “Born FAT” , which he sings to the tune of Born Free.

It did hold my interest, and it’s got legal thriller written all over it, but I don’t see it spawning four books, several movies and a cult following.

Oh well. Tonight’s another night – bring on the dreams! Perhaps one where the dialogue doesn’t include “fat”, please.

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