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If you haven’t read Serena by Ron Rash, you so SHOULD. It’s amazingly well-written, and stays with you long after you reach the end. The movie version stars the lovely…

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  This story is so cute I have to share it, even though it’s about a Georgia player. At least the video shows him being tackled by the Big Orange!…

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I love to read, but occasionally I get on a genre tear and I am like a reading tornado, chewing up everything in my path as fast as I can.…

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Without fail, all of the “How To Be a Better Writer” books agree on one thing – if you want to write well, read a lot of good books. I…

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My friend, Alison Hertz, has published her first picture book! I say “first” because she has 172 ideas floating around her brain at any given time, and writes prolifically. In…

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