Binging on YA

I love to read, but occasionally I get on a genre tear and I am like a reading tornado, chewing up everything in my path as fast as I can. For the past two weeks, I’ve been devouring fantasy YA, so much so that my left eye has lost all depth perception. I realize that if your eyes are going bad, perhaps YA is not your best reading choice, but what can I say, I’m terminally 12.  It started with The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson.


I read the description and thought it sounded interesting, but to be sure, I downloaded the “Free Sample” onto my Nook. Five minutes later I was purchasing the whole book. I’ve since read the entire series and I loved them all.  This explains why I have bags under my eyes and my house is a wreck, but I think we can all agree that a good book is worth more than a clean house. Can I get an amen?


I stumbled across this book via the “People that bought that book, also bought this” feature on Amazon and I’m so glad I did. I read it over the course of about two days, and immediately went online to buy the 2nd one. Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be out for a week. Fortunately, Sarah J. Mass wrote 3 novellas that chronicle the heroine’s early days and they are just as much fun as the Throne of Glass! I’m heading to the bookstore to buy the sequel, Crown of Midnight, this afternoon. Can’t. Wait.

What I loved about all of these books is that even though they are part of a series, each book stands on its own and reaches a satisfying conclusion. It seems like so many books I’ve ready lately are all back story for the real book to come later. Nothing stinks worse than being 140 pages into a 150 page book and realizing your heroine is not going to solve the puzzle, reach the destination, or get the guy.

If there’s one thing we tweens want in a book, it’s getting the guy!

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