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Last week I visited an amazing school – Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa. Everything about it was awesome – the school, the teachers, the kids, and even the lunch! It almost made me wish I was in Middle School again.


Okay, maybe not.

But the visit was great!


The students had all read REBELS as a companion piece to Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry. My presentation was about mining their own family history for story ideas and creating characters. It was fun to show them the people and places in my life that I had used for “inspiration” in the book.


Those are my, “I’m an author” serious clothes. They are also my “I need to workout because these pants are too tight” clothes, but being comfortable is second to being fashionable, am I right?


David Schumacher, Librarian Extraordinaire, set up the event, drove me around Tampa, and made sure I was comfortable the entire time.


This is Susan Alexander, a great teacher and an AWESOME WRITER. I know, because I’ve read her stuff and it was so good I wanted to cry. Mainly ’cause I wasn’t the one who wrote it. She and David, and two other teachers – Jen Brown and Jen Martin- took me to dinner the night before the presentation. That could be the reason for the aforementioned pants issue. We all sat around talking books, and every one of them had a great story idea that they were mulling over.

Thank you, Berkeley Preparatory School, for hosting me. I am an official Buccaneers fan for life!

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