The Bertie – Meet Judge Kim Zachman

The Bertie submission window is officially open so I thought I would take the next few days to introduce you to some of the judges. First up, my buddy KIM!

Kim Zachman also grew up in a small town in Tennessee, but a different one than Lisa kimTyre’s.  She sold her first book at the age of six… to her grandmother for 10 cents. She’s never forgotten the rush that came with that literary success.

As a merchandiser for Scholastic Book Fairs, Kim visits schools in the Atlanta area and helps with book fairs. She can’t believe she gets paid to play with books all day long. One of the best parts of the job is seeing first-hand which books interest kids and excite them the most.

Kim is also a freelance writer and 150 of her articles and essays have appeared in more than 25 print and online publications. A couple of years ago, she decided to give into her secret ambition to be a children’s writer. With the help of her agent, Carrie Hannigan of HSG Agency, she hopes to add “published author” to her LinkedIn page soon.

Kim lives in the Atlanta area with her husband, two teenage daughters and a maniac puppy. She is a member of SCBWI and Atlanta Writer’s Club.

I am lucky enough to get Kim’s feedback on a regular basis because she’s part of my critique group. She’s an amazingly talented writer and friend.

Follow her on Twitter or check out her website and don’t forget to submit to The Bertie!

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