A few years ago I took an aptitude test designed to show strengths and weaknesses. I may have had more of one than the other. 🙂 One of the things…

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Thank you to everyone who entered The Bertie! Whoo Hoo! I don’t know if you can tell but I’m pretty excited about this contest. Although I’m not a judge, I…

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Ribbons are great, but money is better, amiright? I’m sending a big THANK YOU to Winnwood Retirement. They’ve agreed to sponsor The Bertie again this year and are  providing $600.00…

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I’ve been traveling a lot lately (awesome) and running into a lot of REBELS readers (more awesome) and everyone seems to want to know the same thing – where is…

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Last week I visited an amazing school – Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa. Everything about it was awesome – the school, the teachers, the kids, and even the lunch! It…

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For several years, I wrote a personal blog. I spent a lot of time writing about my life, family and my writing endeavors. In July of 2009, I went to…

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I was  recently asked to give the keynote speech at my high-school graduation ceremony. It was a great honor and not something I ever imagined happening in my life. I’m sure no one was really listening since I was the least important person there, but I thought I’d post a transcript in case anyone wanted to see what I had to say. This is just like being there without having to witness the flop sweat and constant lip licking. Enjoy!


Thank you. As a writer, I love this idea that our lives are like a story, so to be with you at such an important chapter in your story, even as a small footnote is exciting for me. I’ll admit it’s also a little surprising to find myself a keynote speaker, considering the type of student I was while at LA.

On the day I graduated I only knew two things about my future. One was that in a few short months I’d be following my friend Gina Coleman to Murfreesboro where we were going to start college at MTSU. And secondly, I knew that immediately following the graduation ceremony, I was going to Dale Hollow Lake because Martha Carmack’s daddy had taken the family camper there for us and a group of girls were going to have a graduation party. And I was super excited and had put a lot of thought into one of those things. The other, not so much. I figured whatever happened, happened. I wasn’t a particularly focused or ambitious student.

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